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CpuIdle on Windows Vista

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

We’ve recently analyzed if CpuIdle can be supported on Windows Vista. The good news is: yes it can! However, due to changes Microsoft implemente in Vista, the are currently some constraints.

Due to user account control (UAC), CpuIdle is no longer able to access the registry keys required to allow CpuIdle to add itself to the programs run when Windows starts. No error message will be displayed, but CpuIdle also won’t start automatically. To work around this issue, the following options exist:

  • manually add CpuIdle to the AutoStart group
  • disable UAC in the Windows policies (this might cause security issues)

The third possible option would be to run CpuIdle with administrator rights (Right-click, Run As Administrator or use the compatibility options). The downside of this is that Windows does from now on display a security warning when starting CpuIdle.

Since Microsoft received a lot of criticism regarding UAC in Vista Beta2, we’re currently not rolling out an updated version with Vista support but will wait for Beta 3 and changes in UAC to be released.