WP-Cache 2.1.0 on Windows

As written in this post, WP-Cache needs several modifications in order to run on Windows and/or IIS. Provided below is an updated version of latest WP-Cache 2.1.0 with all Windows/IIS fixes included.
WP-Cache 2.1.0 for Windows/IIS

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  1. Owen Says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve only just tried to use WP-Cache on one of my blogs and just discovered it does’t work well on WIMP. This mod should fix that.

  2. Ducked.nl Says:

    Thanks a lot for this great modification! My hoster doesnt offer Shell access, so your mod is highly welcome.

    It works like a charm! See it in action @ http://www.ducked.nl :)


  3. Nick Says:

    I may have posted this comment on the wrong page.

    April 21st, 2007 at 5:28 pm
    I have installed your WP-Cache 2.1.0 on Windows plugin. I am still have a problem. Under the options > wp-cache page I still get:
    0 cached pages
    0 expired pages

    I have added the define to wp-config.php

    I’ve narrowed the problem to the following: http cached pages are being written to the cache folder, but meta files are not.

    Can you please help?

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    […] Galli, ontworpen om een site sneller & “Digg” proof te maken. Aangepast door Digital Bites om de plugin ook te gebruiken onder Windows Servers. New : Isapi Rewrite Filter, Ducked.nl heeft nu […]

  5. Videos de Humor Says:

    Nick, with respect to your problem you gave the permissions to the folder It breaks and wp-it breaks of CHMOD 777? I have you yourself problem, there am hize that now I hope that she works


  6. WP-Cache (for Windows!) at Ron Dutt Says:

    […] WordPress is when it gets “dugg,” one of a small handful of fixes include wp-cache. WP-Cache creates a cache (duh) of all pages you specify–by default all site content–and instead […]

  7. Ducked.nl Says:

    Is it possible to update thie plugin to the new WP-Cache v2.1.2 version?

    Thx in advance!

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