CpuIdle for Vista (Beta)

We’ve just released a CpuIdle test version supported on Windows Vista. Please download here and let us know of any issues.
Also added was support for SpeedFan temperature monitoring software. Motherboard Monitor continues to be supported as well.

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  1. EddieZ Says:

    Can I use CPU Idle on a Core2Duo (E6600)? Or does ‘no x64′ mean all processors with x64 support.

  2. Scoryllo Says:

    I installed CpuIdle on my new FSC Amilo v3205 laptop with Intel Core Duo and Windows Vista Business. Normally, the laptop makes a high-pitched sound that may become annoying when there is perfect silence around. But with CpuIdle I can barely hear it. Hmm… feature? bug? Anyway, it’s a good thing.
    Now, I don’t know if the program actually cools the processor, I will do a test as soon as I install a temperature monitor.
    I want to mention a problem, though: I have the Aero interface and have set the taskbar to autohide, but when CpuIdle runns, it keeps reappearing for a fraction of a second as the systray is updated, so I disabled the systray display of processor usage to get rid of this problem.

  3. Scoryllo Says:

    I forgot to mention that this high-pitched sound is not hearable when the processor in on full load (this without CpuIdle).
    Maybe this information is helpful and somebody can explain me what the deal is with this thing. I read on forums about other laptop models that make this noise too.

  4. Kevin Says:

    hmmm it’s strange, usually my notebook fan is off and it’s just fine to keep it cool. but with cpuidle, somehow it force my fan to turn on.

    now i’m questioning this program to be usefull since mine doesn’t support temperature sensor

  5. Harlock Says:

    My question is:

    is it compatible with Core Quad CPU like my QX6700?

  6. Harlock Says:

    What about MBM5 now? is there any alternative?

  7. momoca Says:

    error:Couldn’t Open CPUidle Driver,make sure to reboot after installion ?…
    os:xp sp2
    cup:core2 2G

  8. J Black Says:

    In the CPUIdle User Guide under the Optimization Section it says

    “If a given feature exists on a CPU it will be enabled by default. If you experience problems with this please read the next section on how to disable the features you don’t need.”

    In the copy of the User Guide I have, there is no “next section” where it explains how to disable.
    The only things after are the Legal and the Disclaimer sections


  9. Mike Says:

    Is there any chance for Vista 64-support? I saw the beta version had support for Speedfan, why not add CoreTemp “http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/” as well.

    // Regards Mike

  10. Ximikas Says:

    Any chance for 64-bit support? Can be to expected addition power and temperature savings,if used together with amd cool & quiet ? CPU Athlon64 x2

  11. max86 Says:

    Is cpuidle project dead ?

  12. Fastback Says:

    Do you was stopped the “Cpuidle Project”? :( I’m waiting any chance of 64 bit support… I love the cpuidle! Please don’t leave us, CPUIDLE!!

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