Eclipse Timeline – Reloaded

In 2008, Chen released an Eclipse plugin called “Eclipse Timeline”, allowing to display time-based events using an ajax widget inside an Eclipse view. Unfortunately, while the plugin was released under a BSD-style license, he never released the sources.

I’ve taken the time an revamped the plugin based on current Eclipse 3.5 and Mylyn 3.2 APIs.

To install the current version, you can use the Eclipse Timeline update site.

2 Responses to “Eclipse Timeline – Reloaded”

  1. REVERDIAU Says:

    I am trying to use timeline, but :
    In the timeline view in Eclipse, I have the following message :
    HttpService is not started. Please check the OSGi HTTP service configuration, make sure the port is not in used.

    Could you please help me? I would like to see mylyn tasks in timeline in Eclipse.

    Best regards,
    Julien Reverdiau.

  2. REVERDIAU Says:

    Is there someone who uses timeline with succeed? Or is there someone who knows about another Eclipse plugin that can shows Gantt diagram from mylyn tasks?

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