TechnoBar FireFox Extension

What is Technobar?

TechnoBar provides the ultimate ‘reverse’ browsing experience by showing live Technorati content on the web pages you’re browsing. The TechnoBar sidebar allows to:

  • Show blogs that link to the current site while browsing
  • Open blogs by clicking on the sidebar entry
  • Show the blog value by displaying the number of inbound entries for that blog

Known limitations:

  • Limited to only one open, outstanding request
  • No options dialog
  • Support for FireFox 1.5 upwards only

TechnoBar is heavily inspired by Technorati Topbar for Flock


Download technology demonstration (v0.02) here.
Alternatively, TechnoBar is now available from Mozilla Update.

Version History

v0.02: Fixed version numbering and status panel icon behaviour
v0.01: Initial release


[currently offline]

Screenshot shows TechnoBar while browsing the MozillaZine Knowledge Base.
A request to Technorati is sent as soon as the user initiates a navition (open Url, forward/ backward, change tab). Technorati search results are then immediately displayed.


Shortly after releasing TechnoBar to the public, Google has released their Blogger Web Comments extension. Currently, Google’s extension is limited to With the advent of the very professional Google extension, the development of Technobar will be ceased.